Pascal Lola
User Experience Design, Research, Strategy, & Leadership




Floor Mesters & Team at Amazon (AWS),

I am excited for this opportunity to explore the possibility of working together in the near future to grow Amazon’s AWS business. I put this document together to give you an opportunity to get to know a little about me—specifically my design, team collaboration, and leadership acumen. In summary, I bring 3 primary things to this role:

  1. Strong knowledge and practice of user experience design and research.
  2. Experience working in tough industries, delivering on complex problems, and shipping solutions.
  3. Strong track record of collaboration with multidisciplinary teams and product leaders.

In addition to what I bring to the role, there are 3 primary things I look for in my next role and organization:

  1. Meaningful work and tough problems: I would like to impact and design the future of technology. I would like to keep tackling complex technology, business, and organizational problems.
  2. Great leadership and a collaborative environment: A team is usually a reflection of its leadership. And a team is only as good as its ability to collaborate and communicate constructively and honestly. I would like to join such a team and/or help foster such a team environment.
  3. Digital & design maturity: I look to join a company/organization that has digital and design innovation at the core of its DNA, or is past its infancy in its digital and design maturation.

There is no doubt in my mind that Amazon meets the above criteria, plus more. However, I do look forward to learning more about the team within which I will operate and collaborate. I do hope that this document gives you enough of an introduction to both me and my work, and I hope we can learn more about each other in the next few conversations, and even more as we work together to deliver value for the Amazon business and its customers.


Pascal Lola

Saturday, May 26, 2018