Pascal Lola
User Experience Design, Research, Strategy, & Leadership


I believe business results are achieved through open collaboration within psychologically safe environments where communication, transparency, and high performance are cultivated. Concurrently, good design practice thrives in such an environment.


Short Bio

I am user experience designer, researcher, and technologist who believes in the power of technology, art, and collaborative teamwork. I am currently a lead User Experience Designer for Baker Hughes, GE (formerly GE Oil & Gas). At BHGE, I am working at the forefront of innovation in the oil and gas industry by designing digital technologies that increase efficiency, reliability, and safety in the production process-- as a result delivering millions of dollars in cost savings to some of the largest oil & gas companies in the world.

I employ user-centered design and serves as a liaison and facilitator between different internal business groups, the customer(s), and the target users to make sure the right solutions are built. Before GE, Pascal worked for Election Systems & Software, the largest election company in the United States responsible for the technology, equipment, and services used by millions of voters and hundreds of jurisdictions during national and local elections.

I have also worked for companies like Wolfram Research and Intel Corporation. At both companies, my work focused on the design of solutions and tools to help people find meaning and value in their personal data.

As an artist, I enjoy creating art through both music and photography. Photography has taught me a lot about myself, life, and others. Photography has taught me a lot about risk-taking, sales, perseverance, and practice. I also play a few musical instruments as well.

Lastly and simply stated, Pascal is a strong believer in collaborative teamwork and is a strong advocate for honesty, transparency, and humility as enablers for good and productive collaboration and social well-being.



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